The Best Tip I Could Offer To A Freelance Designer


A short but sweet article revealing the number one tip for freelancers starting out perusing a career within freelance design, or maybe even a good tip for even experienced freelancers.

As a freelance designer at most times you are completely unaware of when new freelance opportunities may arise for you to undertake a specific project. Relying on only one income where you’re generating money from is very risky. There are so many obstacles which can occur during a project which may lead to a project falling through, and not receiving money for your time which you may have committed to that project.

Build a passive income


So what’s a passive income?

A passive income is something as freelancer you should consider building. A passive income consists of having multiple sources where you are generating some sort of revenue from, weather its small or a large substantial amount.

What’s the point of a passive income?

It allows you to be constantly generating money therefore if one source of revenue comes to a halt for e.g. you are unable to make any money from freelancing, you will have another source of income to fall back on.

How can you make a passive income?

There are so many different ways for generating money as a freelancer online.

· Buy Sell Ads

You set can up a design blog and offer advertising space. Buysellads offers a great service which I would recommend.


· Graphic River

Graphic River is a design market place where designers can create premium design graphics and sell it for fee on their market place. I’ve witnessed some designers make great amounts of money through Graphic River and should not be overlooked.


Writing Design Tutorials

You could write a design tutorial for a blog, where you can potentially receive a payment of up to $150 per a tutorial dependent upon the tutorial and quality of the tutorial. The Tutsplus sites are worth checking out if you wanted to get paid for writing design tutorials.


Wrapping up..

A passive income is essential and should be implemented within freelancing. If you’re just starting out pursuing a career as a freelancer it’s certainly something which should not be overlooked. We would love for you to share your best tip you would offer to a freelance design in the comments below.

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