How To Utilize Twitter As a Marketing Tool


This is a great article which showcases how designers can utilize twitter as a very powerful marketing tool, in order to market their personal branding and attracting new clients for design projects.



1. Share the tweet love

Don’t just send out tweets to links to only your own content, share the link love and send out links to other websites because they may return the favour and send out links to your content to their followers.

2. Don’t be a marketing whore

Don’t constantly be posting tweets to your own content or just generally just self promoting yourself. Show your followers your more than someone who self promotes show your personality and be helpful and not just one of the 100,000 of twitter spammers which currently exist.

3. Brand Your twitter Page

The default twitter page looks great, but your twitter background page would look a lot better if it fitted in within your companies branding i.e. have logo and same colour background which matches your brands website pr identity.

4. Keep Active


Try to update twitter on as frequently as possible, aim update your twitter profile at least once day. I personally hate following people on twitter who never update and certainly never choose to follow people on twitter who choose to update their twitter once every 6 months. In order expand your twitter followers keep active on twitter that is the key.

Wrapping Up..

A great collection of powerful marketing tips which shouldn’t be overlooked. Read over the tips clearly digest them, I hope you can implement them smartly. This is a two part article therefore are look forward to sharing and disusing further tips in part 2 of this article.


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