Happy New Year Vector Pattern Readers


2010 has been a rollercoaster with a lot ups and downs, at one point i was even considering shutting down Vector Patterns. I think why i was considering stopping blogging on Vector Patterns because the growth compared to Creative Nerds was very small and running a blog can be very time consuming and when you feel that the hard work your putting into your blog isn’t paying off it really does bring down yourself esteem. I took a break from Vector Patterns so I could refocus and self motivate me to start blogging again on Vector Patterns.


Our Goals for 2011

  • My main focus for 2010 is rather than concentrating on quantity instead to concentrate on quality.
  • I would also like to make a foot print within the design community make more people aware of the site and the awesome free patterns we have an offer.
  • Get a few more designers on board to contribute some patterns to vector patterns.

Thanks to Heart Internet

A special thanks to Heart Internet who have been sponsor of Vector Patterns since the start their support really is valued, check their site out.

Keep Update

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Happy new year to everyone and hope 2011 is great year for us as well as our readers.

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