5 things which will create the perfect working environment for any freelancer

The working environment for any freelancer of any sort must be the perfect environment to work late nights and early mornings. This is a rundown of my personal top 5 suggestions for creating the perfect working environment.

1. Comfortable chair


A comfortable desk chair is essential after all this is where you will be spending most of your time sitting on therefore it’s worth spending more money on a top of the range chair. An uncomfortable chair makes it difficult to concentrate during working hours as well as decreasing productivity because of the lack of comfort.

2. Clear clean workspace


A minimalistic workspace will help you to work more productively. If your workspace is cluttered with photos and paper work you will find it difficult to concentrate and to get work done. A clean desk space as well as organised desk will make it easy to work and increase productivity during working hours, a clear desk a clear mind.

3.  Listen to music


Listening to music may be on a CD player or on some speakers in the background while working. Music playing in the background suited to the type of project you’re working on can influence your mood, as well as increasing productivity if you choose to listen to motivational music during the time you spend freelancing.

4. Adding visual decor


Adding visual decor such as posters and paintings is a great source of visual inspiration keeping your creativity flowing throughout the day. Posters and paintings are also just a simple way to improve the look of your home office.

5.  Separating working space and relaxation space.


During freelancing hours it’s only human to stop and have breaks throughout the day. Therefore its useful to have another chair or a sofa within the room where you can sit back have a tea or coffee and just relax. Moving away from sitting behind the desk for a few minutes may even make you be able to refocus and think more clearly.

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