Essential Tips For How Freelancers Can Impress Clients


It’s not a myth that clients while freelancing are impossible to please here’s some simple tips which can help to please your client on your next or current freelancing project.

Think outside of the box and go that extra mileoutside-box

A client may have hired your design service in order for you to produce a website, when mocking up the design of a website into Photoshop or your application of choose why not instead of creating one design instead create two for the client to choose from allowing the client to choose from two designs instead of just one. Going that extra mile for client your increase the value of your design service because your providing a service more than what that what client expected, this may be time consuming doing that extra design a but may because you have offered a good design service the client will then recommend your service which you offer to friend or even hire you again for future work.

Responding quick to emails


When freelancing most of interaction and communication with clients may be through email therefore it’s essential that you respond quick to a client. Clients get frustrated when designers don’t respond quickly therefore if you reply quick to emails your always stay in their good book keeping a happy client. There’s no excuse not answering to emails quickly because emails these days can be replied to directly from your phone.

Ask the client for feedback and revisions


Asking a client for feedback will help you to grow as designer alongside identifying what needs to be improved within a design. The revision process allows the client to have his input on the design process and what he would liked to be changed. Revisions are great because

Completing project tasks before the deadlinesdeadline

When working on a project the designer or client may decide when the tasks within the project will be completed by, you as a designer it’s your responsibility to agree a date which the work will be completed by. Most clients expect work to be completed within a day which is honestly an unrealistic time scale in order to produce quality work. Deliver the work before the agreed deadline is great way to pleased clients and keep them happy with the service you offer because clients are always eager to see the work which you have produced.

Final words..

Clients can be nightmare to work with at times but hopefully these usefully i have brought to your attention will be worth wile next time you work on a freelance project. I would love to hear any suggestion on good tips to please clients and tips for keeping a good client designer relationship.

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