The Best Free Seamless Vector Patterns From 2011


I can honestly say that I have really enjoyed the past 12 months on vector patterns, creating patterns is just something which I’m really passionate about. The past 12 months the site has not gained as much exposure which I may have liked, but never the less its still been an enjoyable learning process.

I thought I would create this post to look back at some of the best patterns from the last 12 months, so here’s a collection of some of our personal favourite patterns from 2011.

We would would love for you to have a search through our archives, to share your favourite patterns you’ve seen published on Vector Patterns through out this month.

A Glossy Diamond Photoshop And Illustrator Pattern

A Vibrant Summer Seamless Vector And Photoshop Pattern

Water Colour Seamless Photoshop And Vector Pattern

Hippie Free Photoshop And Illustrator Pattern

Abstract Photoshop And Illustrator Pattern

Hand Drawn Gruesome Skulls And Bones Pattern

Skulls And Bones Pattern

A Cute Bee Seamless Photoshop And Illustrator Pattern 

Cloud Seamless Photoshop And Vector Pattern

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