Hand Drawn Pastel Flowers Seamless Pattern


This pattern was a pleasure creating because the pattern was unique and and their is not many patterns on the web which use pastels to create a pattern, it was great to create a pattern which is outside  of the box. The pattern set includes a Photoshop pattern file which can be loaded straight into Photoshop, making it easier to play around and manipulate the patterns.

What’s Include with the pattern set ?

  • 5 different colours in total
  • A Photoshop pattern file, therefore so the patterns can be loaded into Photoshop.
  • PNG images of the patterns to be used within website designs.

Preview of pattern set

redd-pattern green-pattern-pastel black-seamless-pattern yellow-brown-pattern

Licenses Details:

The source files are made available download can be used within commercial and non commercial design projects. You may may not redistribute files featured on vector patterns or hot link to files featured on Vector Patterns. Any further question which you may have regarding licences details about freebies released on Vector Patterns your more than welcome to get in touch with us.

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