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    Thank you..really informative!!

  • Paula Bailey

    Just double checked Brandon Grotesque and the problem seems to be that the free offer is now very out of date.

  • bije mujiatma

    Thank,..its New 4 me

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    Very useful resources for me, thanks..

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  • Sven Finke

    Oh, really nice set of Fonts! But I would add Lobster, too. It’s a great font that I already used several times!


  • GMoney

    Great collection, especially Barrister Sans and Franchise which are awesome.

  • Niger

    Thank you! I hope to learn how to make fonts soon!

  • http://www.brettwidmann.com Brett Widmann

    This is great collection of fonts. My favorite is OC Bold.

  • Lorraine

    I would love to get the Brandon Grotesque but the Download button is not on the linked page. Anyone willing to share?