15 Of The Best Illustrator Text Effects


We spent numerous hours search through all the best illustrator text effects, to compile this awesome list of 15 of our Favourite illustrator tutorials. Which is your text effect tutorial featured in the round-up.


1. Create a Furry Calligram in Illustrator


In this tutorial you will walk you through creating your own calligram inspired by a dog named Poppy. You’ll learn how to manipulate a typeface through to rendering fur, adding doggy features, and various details.

2. Quick Tutorial: Gradient Strokes


After reading Lensco’s comment “Cool tip, all we need now are gradients on strokes. Pretty please, Adobe?” on the previous tutorial Quick Tutorial: Adding Gradients to Text, I decided to write a quick tutorial about how I create gradient strokes. This super simple technique use the Appearance panel and effects to create editable gradient strokes in Illustrator.

3. Create a Vibrant 3D Pixel Type Treatment


In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a fun 3D pixel font type treatment. Using a free font, gradients, and Illustrator 3D filter, you will easily create a type treatment that you can apply to many other fonts.

4. Stylish text effect tutorial using Illustrator


Typography these days have become more than just a way to express words and build sentences. We can now see a lot of showcases featuring inspirational designs made with typography, which is used in ways to express more than words, turning out into beautiful illustrations.

5. Turn Any Font Into a Sketch Font


There are some popular sketchy fonts available that are great for grungy and hand-drawn designs and illustrations. My problem is, I want to be able to use this sketchy style in any font. Turn’s out, it is actually really easy to do in Illustrator. Moreover, you can create a Graphic Style and easily apply the style to other editable fonts!

6. How to Make a Flesh Ripping Zombie Type Treatment


When Horror Site Freddy in Space recently ran “Romero Week” they asked Nik Holmes to provide a type treatment to tie the articles together. Could you possibly think of a better Vector Artist for the job? Among one of the best illustrators of this genre, Nik will take you though the process he used to create the character and type treatment for this blood-curdling illustration.

7. How to create a glassy text effect in Illustrator


A good designer knows that a good mastery in designing cool text effects is really important in many situations. There are a lot of design works that need a good text effect to be really professional, so in the following tutorial I’ll show you how to create a glassy text effect in Illustrator. We’ll learn some simple techniques to enhance our types giving them gloss and shine.

8. How to Create an Entangled Lettering Illustration – Part 1


In this two part tutorial, you’re going to look at how to create a brief typographic message from scratch. In part one we’ll go over the basics of constructing the letterforms.

9. Create An Editable Metal Type Treatment


I am a huge fan of the updated Appearance panel in the Illustrator CS4. I have really found the Appearance panel to be useful when creating type treatments that I constantly need to repeat.  One of these styles is a metal type treatment.

10. How to Make a Wooden Text Effect with Adobe Illustrator


In the following tutorial you can learn how to create “wooden text”. Using the 3D Extrude and Bevel Tool combined with some clever gradients and layer effects you can make this great effect that’s perfect for text and symbols alike.

11. Create a simple blood text effect


In the following steps It will show you how to create a simple blood text effect. You’ll start with a simple text then you will use the Roughen and the Warp effects. Finally, you will need multiple gradients and some simple brushes.

12. Creating Editable Letterpress Styled Text


A popular typography trend in web design and print design is letterpress styled text. This text styling is easy to do in Photoshop, but in Illustrator, it is super simple to create letterpress styled text while keeping the text editable. Utilizing the Appearance panel and Graphic Styles, you can quickly and consistently apply this style to any editable text and other vector objects.

13. Getting Carried Away with Balloon Lettering


If there are balloons near by, you’ve probably had or will be having some fun. I love balloons! So in this tutorial I will cover the process of creating some illustrative shiny balloon lettering. You will also learn how to create rounded, semi-transparent, bubble letters that will make up the basis of the balloon lettering.

14. Create a Polished Raised Type Treatment


If you have read some of my other type tutorials, you know I love the Appearance panel. This tutorial is no different. Using the Appearance panel, some gradients, and transforms, you can create a polished lifted type treatment. Using the Appearance panel makes it super easy to apply the treatment to other fonts and vector elements.

15. Illustrator Tutorial – 3D lighted text effect


In this one I will first show you how to create some 3D text, which we will then apply some art brushes to so that we get a neat, futuristic spacey effect. Before you begin, you may want to stop by my previous post and download a set of glowing brushes.

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